Wild Enough to Try European Tour - Week 8

October 20, 2014

This week absolutely flew by! It began with a day off in Stuttgart, Germany. What did we do? We slept in and rested all day long. It was marvelous. Our hosts had just had a baby, and it was so nice to be part of this family for a day.

The week was filled with great concerts. We played in Münster at a bar located within a college dorm. The evening was set up to support all of the new students who were naturally feeling a bit homesick. It was such a pleasure to be there for them and bring them a bit of levity. Sadly, we were in town for less than a day, because it really has a cool vibe! We look forward to staying longer next time.

We then headed back down near Stuttgart to a town called Ludwigsburg, where we played a show at a church for a youth group. Really lovely people! And it’s nice to know we can still reach the young’ns.

On Thursday, we headed to a town called Erlangen. We took the old “Romantic Road” and stopped at a quintessentially German town to check out what it means to be a good German. We discovered some beautiful architecture and some delicious Bavarian food! The day ended marvelously with a really awesome house concert. The hosts were doing it for the first time and they did a wonderful job. It was nicely appointed, the vibe was great, the house was packed and everyone really loved the experience. I think we got about a dozen more house concerts out of it!

Sadly, our show on Friday was cancelled because our host went to the hospital. We don’t know what happened but hope he’s ok. With the day off, we made our way slowly to our next show in Sarreguemines, France. We stayed overnight at a little farm, and enjoyed more R&R.

Sarreguemines was a delightful experience as well. It’s incredible to find these places - little gems in small towns. The place we played was a top notch venue with delicious food and drink, and incredible hospitality. The crowd was attentive and enthusiastic. It was very heartwarming to have a mother and her small boy come up to us afterward to tell us: “Things can be so difficult in this world. There are wars and other worries. Tonight you opened our hearts and showed us that everything will be ok.” Wow. And her son, probably about 6 or 7 years old, and a budding cellist, shyly asked us for a poster. Very sweet.

The next day (yesterday) we were to go to the Swiss alps with my dear friend Barbara. She was sick and the trains were on strike so we opted to return to Cologne instead, to spend some time with her and enjoy more of this great city, which is becoming like our home away from home in Germany! Today, I have been blessedly domestic. I’ve done laundry, puttered around, and am now enjoying the aroma of chicken soup and apple crisp, both of which are cooking in this warm, cozy kitchen. A very very good day!

Incredibly magical house concert in Erlangen, Germany!

Incredibly magical house concert in Erlangen, Germany!


Wild Enough to Try European Tour - Week 7

October 13, 2014

I write from my post on the couch in a lovely big house in Stuttgart, Germany, where we played a festive house concert last night. The community of people who live here are awesome human beings, and have invited us to stay here on our day off. Blessed! I find that the deeper I get into this tour, the more rest I need. It is a rainy, lazy day, and many hours stretch in front of us to do lots of things or no-thing. I have spent much of the morning catching up with emails and such, and all the while have had the background music of Jesse inventing a new song on an old Yamaha electric grand piano. There aren’t many things in this world that I love as much as hearing this beautiful musician husband of mine creating.

This past week began with a string of glorious days off in Italy. There were so many things we could have done, so many places we could have visited. We had left it wide open to allow us to be spontaneous. In the end, we opted to go to the area where my family is from, and stayed in the vibrant city of Bologna, where we walked and ate, and walked some more and ate some more. Italy is very dangerous this way! The walking seems never to make up for the eating! But we enjoyed it all so thoroughly. We saw many things in Bologna, but one of the most inspiring things we noticed was that there is still a strong Occupy movement happening there. In fact, Bologna has a strong history of activism and it was really cool to see so many young people involved in their community.

On Wednesday, on our way to a concert in Reggio Emilia, we decided to go to a tiny village called Iola, where many of my family members are buried. The drive there was amazing, winding us through mountain villages to land us in the quaint little place of my people. Nobody there spoke English, so it was a small miracle that we somehow communicated with one gentleman about our desire to find the gravestones. I mentioned my name and I could not fully understand his response to my telling him that I am a Giacobazzi, but his face did light up and he expressed great pleasure. We understood him to be asking us how long we planned to be in Iola, and we think he was saying that he could introduce us to some of my distant relatives given some time, but alas, we were only there for a few hours. Nonetheless, he directed us to the little village church and we made our way down an apple tree-lined dirt road to the tiny cemetery. I was not expecting the experience I had - SO many graves with my family’s name on them, and almost each one with a photo of the person. It was an unexpectedly moving experience, and I found myself searching for physical resemblances and wondering what the lives of these people were like. I also felt a strong awareness of how amazing it was for my family to leave Italy for the US. Such a long way to go, with so many unknowns - a land so strange and big… I had a powerful sense of the adventurous nature of my people, and indeed of all people that leave what they know for a place completely alien, hoping for something better.

After Iola, we headed to our gig in Reggio Emilia, which was at a cool bar and former factory for parmesan cheese. That night we were put up at a remote bed and breakfast on a farm. The woman who owns the B&B was really sweet, and even though our stay was brief, and although we could not communicate much using spoken language, we were very touched by her hospitality.

Thursday found us near Como lake in Italy, where we stayed at an organic farm owned by a very cool couple. When we arrived we were very hungry, and although they do not typically serve lunch, they made an exception and we were served an elaborate lunch featuring cheeses, honey and jam from the farm, and some homemade pasta and wine. Wow. This “country” food was amazing. Following lunch we took a long hike up to the top of the mountain, and luckily the fog cleared just as we hit the summit so that we could see Como lake far below. The hike was amazing in the sense that it took us past many beautiful (closed-up) houses that could only possibly be reached on foot. We had to guess that they are used during late Spring through early Autumn, and that they were only recently closed up. I loved dreaming about living in one of these sweet stone houses on the mountain!

Friday was a very long drive. We had to go from Como to Flein, Germany, and while it was a very beautiful drive, it turned into a bit of a nightmare in Switzerland when one of our tires blew out. We heard and felt that something was wrong and stopped at a fuel station, where it was immediately clear that air was hissing out of one of the front tires at a very fast rate. Without the proper tools to change a tire, we had to ask a few people before we found a car dealership across the street that had a jack and tire iron. Jesse was my hero, putting on the spare and getting filthy in the process. It was another chance to demonstrate to each other our great teamwork. Another stressor was when we realized that inevitably the flat tire would make us late to our show, and we did not have a working phone to call the host. We found a WiFi connection and emailed him, and just crossed our fingers that it would all work out. As luck would have it, we arrived only thirty minutes late, and we were expected! The beautiful cafe was filled with a warm glow and was standing-room-only, with a generous and appreciative audience. What a blessing, after such fretting, to be welcomed so sweetly. In the morning we got new tires put on the car and proceeded to our final shows of the week, both of them really great house concerts where we made new friends.

And now we’re enjoying a cozily gloomy day off in Stuttgart. I’m thinking a nap is just the thing!


Wild Enough to Try European Tour - Week 6

October 6, 2014

On Tuesday we returned to Lalley, where life is a dream. We had the good fortune to spend three days there with no schedule to follow. Ready for some rest, we slept in each morning, took long walks in the beautiful countryside, and joined our friends Michel and Anne each day for various meals. I especially enjoyed meeting the local animals, each with engaging and very specific personalities. Among the village animal crew was a tiny white cat that seemed to appear everywhere, a pair of white hunting dogs whom I took to be brothers, and a black and white collie that very seriously guarded the sheep barn. I also quite enjoyed speaking French with our friends. I was very amazed at my ability to understand and speak given the span of time since I’ve studied the language. Each day I felt my comprehension and ability grow, and it was really encouraging and fun. Our hosts Anne and Michel were thoroughly delightful to spend time with. The homemade cuisine (dinner usually consisting of a soup of some sort using local vegetables, some sort of casserole and of course the typical after-dinner treat of local cheeses) was delicious and lovingly prepared. Michel and Anne are also big wine lovers and enjoyed introducing us to their favorite regional wines. As we listened in, they passionately debated the nuances of each one.

I must also mention that the weather was gorgeous! Jesse has said numerous times on this tour that we would be foolish not to enjoy the positive effects of global warming. Ay. On Friday when we departed, the sun again beamed brilliantly in the blue, blue sky and we realized we were both finding it hard to leave. We were consoled knowing that our hosts were eager for us to return soon, and for a longer stay.

The longest drive of our tour happened on Friday as we made our way through the French countryside, over the Alps and into Italy, then inched our way through Milan rush hour traffic to make it to Verona for our concert. The Alps - spectacular! It is very hard to describe the beauty of these mountains and this region, so I hope that the pictures turn out ok. Stay posted! Jesse and I had fun listening to Italian radio, which is not surprisingly very spirited and funny. We alternated between tuning into music stations and talk radio, where we could reacquaint ourselves with the Italian language. We landed in Verona a few hours before our show and had a very cool introduction to Italy in that experience. We played in a small “cultural center”/bar/restaurant, which is known in Verona for having many of the typical drinks (and very good food) for half the price of the bars in the old city. The club itself is just across the river from the old city and is a favorite with the students and local younger crowd. Everyone was so warm and talkative and inviting! We met many people and although it was difficult to shake the French in our brains, we communicated well with people. The concert itself was great. Because of the club’s popularity and the fact that it was Friday night. the place was packed, and patrons really enjoyed the music. After the concert we crashed hard at the home of our host’s friend and in the morning returned to the club for a pasta breakfast. Why not?

We also wanted to check out Verona during the brief time we had there, so we walked into the old city and checked out the piazzas, the castle, and just wandered around streets- you really can’t go wrong this way. We also did a steep climb up many stairs, above the Roman Theater to see a spectacular view of one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen. The gorgeous old architecture, the red roofs, the castle and other iconic structures, the rim of trees on the outskirts of the city, and the gorgeous aqua-colored river running through it. Amazing.

Next stop -Mantova. We had heard of its beauty and delicious food (of course - always the food!) and were very excited to have a special house concert with a large group from the Mantova Couchsurfing community. Our host, Meybol, is a wonderful woman. She opens her beautiful home frequently for cultural events among the local Couchsurfers, and she is a generous, lovely and interesting person. It was really cool to meet all of these Couchsurfers and to hear about their wild adventures! We made some great connections, learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed sharing our music with these people. One big conversation topic was food. We learned about a local fair that was happening the next day that celebrates risotto! We also learned about a delicious restaurant in a nearby town called Grazie, where we were urged to go and try one of the local favorites, a pumpkin ravioli. Italy is especially intense about its food and it is amazing to me that each town or city or village has a number of dishes that are unique to it. Mantova, for example, has 11 dessert specialties! So it was with great anticipation that we went to Grazie on Sunday to sample some local cuisine. When we first arrived in the tiny village I thought surely that everything was closed down since it was so quiet. But in fact, we found the restaurant easily and it was so packed we had to wait an hour for a table. It was no problem- we went down to the river and enjoyed a peaceful walk. On returning to the restaurant we were seated and the owner made a meal suggestion - a tasting menu of the local delicacies. It sounded perfect! For an astoundingly small price, we enjoyed a many-course meal which included a salame plate, fresh fish from the aforementioned river, polenta, marinated vegetables, a huge variety of breads, (the waiter told us proudly that they were all made that morning and that in fact the restaurant purchases nothing from stores but makes everything from scratch!) the famous pumpkin ravioli, (very sweet, almost like dessert!) and fetuccini with duck. This all was downed with a fantastic bottle of local wine, which was a LOT for us to drink. We were later told that it is common for each person to drink an entire bottle of wine during a Sunday lunch, which is hard for me to imagine! Because of the gigantic amount of food and drink, we spent over two hours eating. I can honestly say it was the most food I have ever eaten at one sitting. And it was wonderful. Then there was dessert - a custard-y, chocolatey local favorite and an apple cake, as well as coffee. After our meal, it was very hard to move. We went to the nearby sanctuary, which is famous because it features statues of a bunch of people who were saved by divine intervention, including a crocodile that hangs from the ceiling (long story!). After this we went back to Meybol’s to rest and recover and digest.

In the evening we went with Meybol and her friends Diana and Marco to the risotto festival. Five hours after lunch I still could not eat a bite, which was a shame. The hall was filled with the delicious smells of various risottos. This is a festival that is over two weeks long, and each day of the festival over a dozen different risottos are featured. For 5 euro, you get a large bowl of risotto which is very cheap compared to restaurants. We were amazed to know that there are so many varieties of risotto!

So as I write, we get ready to leave Mantova for Bologna, the land of my people. Today we will seek out the tombs of my ancestors. It is another gorgeous day, and adventure awaits!


Wild Enough to Try European Tour - Week 5

September 29, 2014

What an amazing week this has been. Full of surprises and delights big and small. I’m writing from our friend Cecile’s flat in Toulon, France, where we’ve had two days of lovely shows and somehow also packed in a bunch of sight-seeing. Toulon is a cool seaside city, and the weather has been sufficiently glorious to enjoy the beach, various parks, a few hikes and the sunny companionship of our friend Cecile. She is amazing and I LOVE being around her! She is funny and sweet and is always talking about the things she likes and loves. It’s so beautiful to be in the presence of someone who is always vocally admiring and appreciating things around her. It’s quite contagious! I feel I’ve learned something of this gift of appreciation from her, and I’m really happy about it! Tomorrow we are back to Lalley, France, where we will enjoy three days without shows - days we hope to spend relaxing, getting a bit of business work done and even writing some new music. Lalley is the perfect place for this - a village near Grenoble with a population of 200 people. Beautiful, mountainous countryside full of color and sweet smells and tastes. Can’t wait!


Wild Enough to Try European Tour - Week 4

September 22, 2014

Feeling a bit tongue tied today. It has been a sunny, warm, lazy afternoon puttering around the place we’re staying (and playing a house concert in) while in Angers, France. And the last week was so mellow, I can’t think of a lot to say. We were in Paris and its outskirts for a number of days and really enjoyed bringing things down a notch from the crazy 16 day run we had. Spent time relaxing and hanging out with friends. We had a few house concerts that were characteristically marvelous, and it was really great to have them be repeat performances. We got to know our hosts even better and it was cool to catch up with folks we talked with at the concerts earlier in the year. It’s one of the amazing blessings of life on the road the way we do it - getting to make friends with people all over the world, and growing our relationships with them bit by bit when we pass through and connect with them. I love it! Yesterday we arrived in Angers, France. We had heard about how beautiful it is here, and it’s true! The countrysides are beautiful, with lots stone walls made from local slate. Pretty little stone houses, little old streets… Yesterday we met with Veronique, the girlfriend of Eric who is our host here, and she took us to a nearby town to check out the Sunday afternoon activities. There were many people about, a kayak race on the river, and a big beautiful sun bursting out just as we began our adventure, which first involved walking around a bit and getting some lunch. We discovered that this day in France, all over the country, certain monuments are opened for one day in order for people to visit otherwise closed-down historical sites. What luck! Veronique, following a suggestion from Eric, drove us to an old convent that was open for the special monument day. As we began the tour, everything was sparkly and bright and pretty, with a huge blue sky overhead. The ruins and remaining buildings were really nice to see. I couldn’t understand much of the French guide’s lecture, so I just enjoyed the views of the river and countryside. But all of a sudden, the sky got very dark very fast, and the wind started whipping around. The lecturer tried to persist with his talk but soon it started raining, and it was torrential! Everyone went inside the chapel to continue the tour and dry out. There were a lot of people there, clustered together, and it seems those in charge were not prepared for such an eventuality. We checked out the rest of the place but were all feeling crowded and tired and really wanted to get out. We first decided to wait out the rain, but after a while realized it wasn’t slowing up. We cheered each other on and decided to make a run for it - a long run to the car, which we had parked a bit further out so as to get some walking in. Oh dear. I have rarely in my life been so soaking wet while wearing clothes! We were all completely drenched and laughing. It was really wonderful.


Wild Enough to Try U.S. Tour - January 2015

In support of our new live album “Wild Enough to Try” we are playing concerts in our favorite places in the USA. With big cities, little towns and everything in between on the roster, we are probably playing a show near YOU. Come on out and share an evening with us!

Friday, January 2, 2015
Norwich, Connecticut
Strange Brew Pub

Saturday, January 3, 2015
New York, New York
Arlene’s Grocery
Time TBD
with Bob D’Haene!

Thursday, January 8, 2015
Alexandria, Virginia
The Light Horse

Friday, January 9, 2015
Davidson, North Carolina
The Birdsnest

Saturday, January 10, 2015
Charlotte, North Carolina
The Common Market
Time TBD

Sunday, January 11, 2015
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Rob & Becky Paynter House Concert*
Time TBD

Sunday, January 12, 2015
Black Mountain, North Carolina
Town Pump

Wednesday, January 14, 2015
Greenville, South Carolina
Smiley’s Acoustic Cafe
Time TBD

Thursday, January 15, 2015
Charleston, South Carolina
The Mill
Time TBD

Friday, January 16, 2015
Summerville, South Carolina
Coastal Coffee Roasters

Saturday, January 17, 2015
Wilmington, North Carolina
Juggling Gypsy Cafe

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Gainesville, Florida
Whisky House
Time TBD
performing with special guest Dan Giacobassi

Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Gainesville, Florida
Whisky House
Time TBD
performing with special guest Dan Giacobassi

Thursday, January 22, 2015
St.Petersburg, Florida
O’Hara House Concert*
Time TBD
performing with special guest Dan Giacobassi

Friday, January 23, 2015
St.Petersburg, Florida
Fisher House Concert*
performing with special guest Dan Giacobassi

Saturday, January 24, 2015
St.Petersburg, Florida
Thurman House Concert*
Time TBD
performing with special guest Dan Giacobassi

Monday, January 26, 2015
Ramrod Key, Florida
Boondock’s (Open Mic Special Guests)
Time TBD
performing with special guest Dan Giacobassi

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Key West, Florida
Nickless House Concert*
Time TBD
performing with special guest Dan Giacobassi

*House concerts are private events and require an invitation and RSVP. If you would like to attend this house concert, please contact Genna & Jesse.


Wild Enough to Try U.S. Tour - December 2014

In support of our new live album “Wild Enough to Try” we are playing concerts in our favorite places in the USA. With big cities, little towns and everything in between on the roster, we are probably playing a show near YOU. Come on out and share an evening with us!

Thursday, December 4, 2014
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Grape Room
Time TBD

Friday, December 5, 2014
Lansdowne, Pennsylvania
Artspace First Friday
Time TBD

Saturday, December 6, 2014
Williamsville, New York
Parings Wine Bar
Time TBD

Sunday, December 7, 2014
Saratoga Springs, New York
One Caroline Street Bistro

Tuesday, December 9, 2014
Albany, New York
Emack & Bolio’s
Time TBD

Thursday, December 11, 2014
Kent, Ohio
Meltzer House Concert*
Time TBD

Friday, December 12, 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
The Barking Spider

Saturday, December 13, 2014
Zanesville, Ohio
Weasel Boy Brewing

Sunday, December 14, 2014
Dearborn, Michigan
First United Methodist Church of Dearborn

Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Boyne City, Michigan
Cafe Sante

Thursday, December 18, 2014
Traverse City, Michigan
Union Street Station

Friday, December 19, 2014
Traverse City, Michigan
Lake Street Cafe at Oryana

Saturday, December 20, 2014
Detroit, Michigan
Coming Home to Music House Concert*
Time TBD

Sunday, December 21, 2014
Big Rapids, Michigan
Fleming House Concert*
Time TBD

Friday, December 26, 2014
Holland, Michigan
Our Brewing Company
Time TBD

Saturday, December 27, 2014
Grand Haven, Michigan
Theater Bar (The Grand)

Sunday, December 28, 2014
East Lansing, Michigan
Foods for Living
Time TBD

*House concerts are private events and require an invitation and RSVP. If you would like to attend this house concert, please contact Genna & Jesse.


Wild Enough to Try European Tour - Week 3

September 15, 2014

We wrapped up the 16 day run with a concert at a small cafe in Dusseldorf, Germany. We packed ourselves and our friend Barbara into our car and drove first to a restaurant, where we celebrated my birthday with some quite-delicious Chinese food and champagne. Then on to the gig which was sweet and mellow, after which we returned to Cologne to our favorite restaurant and wine bar Weinkneipe. There, we got every dessert on the menu and cups of coffee, and talked for a few hours, even missing the stroke of midnight when I turned 38 YEARS OLD!!! (Whoa.) It’s really awesome talking to Barbara, because although we are in different worlds (classical music, and whatever-it-is-we-do) we are all independent artists, finding our way, making our own way, and we understand one another completely. So cool!

Yes, this post is going to be all about my birthday!

On Saturday morning, we had breakfast with Barbara, then said our goodbyes as she was off to meetings and rehearsal, and we were off to Belgium. It wasn’t a difficult farewell though, because in October we will meet her in the Alps for a little vacation!

Jesse and I went back to Weinkneipe for a delicious lunch and then packed the car and headed out for a birthday adventure. I’d asked Jesse to plan something, and he had in mind visiting the Netherlands for the day! So off we went to a very cool, smallish city called Maastricht. Beautiful old buildings, canals, and bicycles everywhere! We roamed around for a while and then it occurred to us that we were in the land of liberal and slightly wild folks and that we might be able to find a hash bar to visit. Sure enough, though Maastricht didn’t have any, we found one nearby called Down Under Cafe in the town of Kerkrade. Amazingly, it was in the countryside, right next to some cows and idyllic green pastures! The cafe itself was an experience like none we’d had in the US, despite how things are in California and Oregon and Washington. People were nice, the setting was lovely, and it was cool to sit around casually and enjoy a conversation about love, life and music. Very romantic, in fact! Then, I decided I’d like to take a walk, so we just started walking down the main street and within a few hundred meters came upon a little hiking trail. We meandered along this trail, thoroughly charmed by the forest, the meadows, the wildlife, and a little pond we happened upon, eventually circling back to the cafe.

Our final stop of the day was at the home of our friends Damien and Florence in Brussels. When we arrived they were out in their back yard preparing to grill some food, just hanging out under a big  tree all strung with lights. It was magical! Their little boys greeted us, then were off to bed while the adults hung out and got reacquainted. I was the first to retire (as usual!) and slept a deep and calm sleep.

Such a simple day, really, but the best one in a long time. Spontaneous, playful, delicious, and with an easy flow to it. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer birthday. Feeling blessed!


Wild Enough to Try European Tour - Week 2

September 8, 2014

We’re back in Cologne, at my dear friend Barbara’s flat. Only she is not here! She is in Venice, performing a concert with her string quartet. So all things Barbara are here but no Barbara. I am much anticipating seeing her again on Wednesday, though. Reunited, and it feels so good!

It’s been an incredible week, with shows every day. Today I’m feeling extra emotional, but not in a bad way. And most days have been easy and joyful.

You want the good, the bad and the ugly, right? Truth be told, I don’t typically give much energy to the things that go “wrong”. I’m a Pollyanna and it works for me! But I learned something great from a negative experience this week, so I want to share. I also want to continue to be completely transparent about our experiences, otherwise I don’t think this blogging has much meaning. So… We had our very first not-good experience with a host this past week on Fehmarn Island in Germany. A guy who was providing lodging for the night was somehow put off by us and was very angry at us. He felt we only saw him as a “hotel” and…well… to tell the truth, I’m not so sure what was going on with him because what little he communicated was communicated through the person who had booked the show for us. The long and short was that he asked us to be out of his house by 10am the next morning, and we of course complied. But what an awful night of feeling unwelcome and attacked in this person’s home!! The first thing I realized was how terrible I felt. I was like, “Whoa! This is what STRESS feels like!” And then, to my delight, I realized how very stress-less our life actually is. This stressed-out feeling was so huge and unfamiliar to me that it nearly took my breath away. That the feeling is now so foreign to me is a small miracle, and I was so grateful for the chance to notice how far I’ve come and how ease-full life is these days!

I took some time to ponder the situation. I am always eager to learn from an experience and set things right. I reflected that in over two years of touring, this was the first time we’d rubbed someone the wrong way (to our knowledge). I had been wringing my hands about what I’d done wrong, when I realized, this is not our issue, not our mess. This fella was a stranger to us, and we upset him, and unless he was willing to talk about it (which he wasn’t) there was no way for us to resolve it externally. I needed to do some internal work. So I realized my task was to slow any negative momentum and to not take on his energy. We didn’t ignore his upset - in fact, as per usual, we left a nice thank you note that included an apology for upsetting him. But I had to realize that it’s not my responsibility to make everyone like me, and that I can actually be grateful that things usually go swimmingly with the strangers we meet. You see - I was up against myself and my insecurities. My need to be liked and accepted. And with this realization, I wanted to find that place where I could feel good, settle myself down AND not make him wrong. In the end, without much info to go on, I simply made up a story that made me feel good about things, deciding that he was someone who was a bit insecure himself and sensitive to feeling used, someone with a tender heart who lashed out. Yes - it’s an entirely made-up story (as Jesse was quick to point out) but in the end it didn’t matter because there was no knowing what was really going on, and for me the most important thing was to find some peace about it all. I didn’t want to carry any upset around with me. I wanted to feel GOOD.

We moved forward to perform a week’s worth of incredible concerts with uplifted feelings, beautiful music, and great money. I’m still righting myself, using some tried and true ways of bringing myself back to my center gently. They are working.

This is LIFE. This is the juicy stuff!

Duo alchemy at its finest

Genna and Jesse are duo alchemy at its finest. Sweet and savory, raspy and smooth, together they create a unique vocal sound, and then they complement that blend with Jesse’s prowess at the piano and guitar. Whether they sing their own songs, or the well-chosen songs of their peers, audiences are along for the ride in an intimate and inclusive show.

Genna & Jesse are currently touring internationally to promote their newest release, “Give and Take.” Their ongoing tour, which includes club venues, house concerts, restaurants, cafes, and festivals, is being done with as small a carbon footprint as possible.



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